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Your last kiss goodbye put water in these eyes... [30 Sep 2004|08:11pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Well hello there, here i am again

I guess im just bored. i dont really have much to talk about.

been eatting a lot of chocolate.craving it like a mofo. chocolate replaces the love thats missed? is it true? well if it is then its kinda working(not really) for me. i love chocolate.

i wish this month would go really fast. i cant wait for halloween and stuff.

valentines day lands on a monday this year...how retarted. what the hells the point?! grr.

assloads of homework.

a math test tomorrow

some plans for the weekend

andrews going down the shore with kristen(ha that should be interesting. HAVE FUN MY LOVE) geesh

going to washington dc the week of the 11th. missing homecomming and the PSAT's..no bueno. oh well i wouldnt have had a date to homecomming anyway. bleh

my dad didnt call tonight. eh well.

andrews calling in like 45 min so i think im done in the Lj department for tonight..

i need a brownie..yummyyy

"I wanna take shelter
From the poison rain
Where the streets have no name
Where the streets have no name
Where the streets have no name.
We're still building and burning down love
Burning down love.
And when I go there
I go there with you"

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[30 May 2004|10:07pm]
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I love this song...Andrew got me into it [30 May 2004|05:32pm]
[ mood | sick ]

It’s about this constant addiction.
About the greater demand.
As I reach for the laugh with only seconds left.
I’m getting deeper.
It’s about this constant addiction.
About this greater demand.
As I reach for the laugh with only seconds left.
I’m getting deeper.
And did you say that you were happy.
‘Cause I won’t leave you alone.
I need the push to elude to things I have to say.
To what I have to say.
There’s a time and a place we hide behind.
And alternate face.
When the freak needs a nurse you comply.
With the fools in mind.
There’s a time and a place we hide behind.
And alternate face.
We’re the people who fuck with your mind.
When you sleep inside.
I can take you away.
To a better place to a better time.
I can take you away.
To a better place.
Let’s talk about you and me tonight.
‘Cause I’d really like to take you home.
Let’s talk about you and me tonight.
‘Cause I need the push to elude to things I have to say.
There’s a time and a place we hide behind.
And alternate face.
When the freak needs a nurse you comply.
With the fools in mind.
There’s a time and a place we hide behind.
And alternate face.
We’re the people who fuck with your mind.
When you sleep inside.
And remember the times that we’ve shown you the way.
And remember the times that we’ve shown you the way.
And remember the times that we’ve shown you the way.
And remember the times that we’ve shown you the way.
We can change your mind.--

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[28 May 2004|04:26pm]

How Kinky Are You?
Your Amount of Kink in Percentage Form: - 70%
Are you more of a master or slave? Master
This fun quiz by cutelilangelx - Taken 7672 Times.
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[28 May 2004|04:23pm]
[ mood | devious ]

Which Sin Are You?
Favourite Color
You are... Lust
This quiz by chibigarm - Taken 27226 Times.
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[26 May 2004|09:11pm]
[ mood | horny ]

The Eternal Pupil

Which Member of Deadsy Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

You secretly wanna bang Dr.Nner. He plays the
keyboards! he's super cres. His color is light
blue. listen to deadsy. yes, that was a
subliminal message.

what deadsy member do you secretly wanna bang?
brought to you by Quizilla

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[26 May 2004|05:54pm]
[ mood | horny ]

+||Section One

1. Name:Heather

2. Nicknames: Feather, H, Brat

3. Feet size: 8.5

4. Do you have a crush: ...no

5. Girlfriend/Boyfriend? Technically

6. Age you act: depends on the sittuation

7. Where Do You Live: Nanuet Ny

8. Where you want to live: At my dads in PA or at Ali’s house

9. How many siblings: 1

10. Favorite Salad Dressing: Ranch

11. Ever gone skinny dipping? The closest I’ve came was in underwear

12. What are you watching? Nothing

13. Last person you talked to: Andrew

15. Favorite Book: Making the Run

16. Favorite Type of music: Rock, metal, emo

17. Favorite types of cars: Mustang, camaro

18. Favorite Saying:" I don’t know"

19. Favorite Fast Food: Wendy’s frosty

20. Favorite Ice Cream: Don’t even get me started

21. Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Triple Black

22. When Do You Go To Sleep: whenever I can get some

23. Most Embarrassing Moment: So Not tellng'

24. Stupidest Person you know: Acting stupid? Or actually stupid, I know many actual stupid people

25. Funniest Person you know: Alexa or Andrew

26. Favorite holiday: Christmas

27. Favorite Food: too many

28. Favorite Song: Too many

29. Favorite Television Show: Comedy Central Stand Up comedy

30. Favorite Radio Station: 92.3

31. Favorite junk food: Ice cream

32. Favorite sappy love song: hmm..I’ll have to get back to ya’

33. Favorite Drink: Bottled water or Coke

34. Favorite article of clothing: My snoopy thong

35. Favorite Animal: I don’t know... your mom, haha

+||SECTION TWO:The Future

1. School: The Art School Of Philadelphia

2. Where You Want To Live: Once again, At my dad’s or at Alexa’s

3. How Many Kids You Want: 2

4. What Kind Of Job You Want: Photographer

5. Wedding song: haha. Wow. That’s too far into the future

6. Pets: a dog

8. 5 years from now? College(hopefully)

9. 10 years from now? I have no idea

+||SECTION THREE: Have You Ever..

1. Done Drugs: yes

2. Run Away From Home: I ran away to my backyard..

3. Hit A Guy: yes

4. Lied: yes

5. Stolen Anything: yes

6. Broken A Bone: nope

7. Cheated On A Test: duh

8. Cheated On A girlfriend/boyfriend: technically yes, but I don’t think it should have been considered cheating

9. Gotten Drunk: yeahhhh

10. Been With Two guys/girls At Once: no

11. Been In The Hospital: yes

12. Let a friend cry on your shoulder: yes

13. Fell asleep in the shower/bath: yes

14. Gone to Church: yes

15. Never slept during a night: yes, Ali and I pull all-nighters all the time

16. Ever been on a motorcycle or motorbike: yes

17. Been to a camp: yes

18. Sat in a restaurant w/o ordering: yeah

19. Seen someone die: No

20. Gone a week w/out shaving: ew, hell no

21. Didn't wash your hair for a week: I cant even go a day without washing my hair

22. Broken something valuable: yes, Only it wasn’t me who did it(cough ALI JESS TANJA)

23. Thought you were in love: yes

24. Streaked the streets: no

25. Screamed at someone for no reason: all of the time

26. Said I love you and meant it: yes

27. Been hurt by a guy/girl you loved: yes

28. Stayed up till 4 am on the phone: used to all the time

29. Pulled a prank? yes

30. Made fun of someone? Yes

+||SECTION FOUR:Which Is Better..

1. Coke Or Pepsi: coke

2. Cats Or Dogs: dog

3. DVDs or VHS: DVD's

4. Deaf Or Blind: I don’t wish either upon myself or anyone.

5. Pools Or Hot Tubs: hot tubsssssssss ;)

6. Television Or Radio: tv

7. CDs Or MP3's: MP3's

8. Apples or oranges: oranges

9. Strawberries or Blueberries: strawberries

10. Gold or silver: Silver

11. Vanilla or chocolate: vanilla

12. Movies or music: Music=my life

13.Park or Beach?: beach

14. Hot or Cold weather? Hot, I hate the cold weather

15. Sunset or Sunrise? sunset

+||SECTION FIVE:When is the Last Time You..

1. Took a shower: this morning

2. Cried: this past weekend

3. Watched a Disney movie: hmmm...long time

4. Given/gotten a hug: today

5. Been to the movies: haha, when we ran away from Jon, remember Ali?

6. had a boy/girlfriend: now...

7. kissed someone: sometime in april

8. Said I love you: today (Andrew)

9. danced: does skipping and turning in the hall of my house count?

10. did a survey like this: uhg, the other day, I need to get a life

+||SECTION SIX:What is..

1. Your Fondest Memory Of This year: Don’t have one, but will have many this summer

2. Your Most Prized Possession: My heart

3. The Thing That Makes You The Happiest: <3 Many things...<3

4. Your Favorite Food For Breakfast: cereal, pancakes

5. Your Favorite Food For Dinner: Pasta

6. Your Favorite Slow Song: Best Deceptions

7. Your Ideal BF/GF?: Have him...

+||SECTION SEVEN:What do i feel about...

1. Bill Clinton: ho

2. Love at First: bah, humbug

3. Abortion: ok

4. Smoking: I don’t know, I smoke. But it kills people. ::torn::

5. Death: its gonna happen sooner or later

7. Rap: crap

8. Marilyn Manson: makes good music

9. Premarital sex: of course

10. Suicide:...


1. full birth name: Heather Marie Gillespie

2. hair color: Dirty Blonde

3. eye color: hazel, green, gray,...my eyes change color

4. current height: 5'3

5. glasses/contacts: glasses- I HATE THEM

6. birthdate: 3/13/89

7. ethnicity: Irish, French, Greek, English, Italian, Scottish...im a mutt

8. religion: athiest

9. current age: 15

10. siblings: 1

11. siblings age: 7

12. location: Nanuet Ny

13. college plans:Philly art school


1. best guy friend: Andrew, mike, Jim,James

2. best girl friend: Alexa, Jess, Tanja, Marissa, Adriana

3. current crush: If im not single, then that gives you your answer

4. boyfriend/girlfriend: si

5. are u center ofattention or wallflower: ?

6. what type automobile do u drive: something automatic, with some sort of music supply

7. are you timely or always late: Timely

8. do u have a job: getting one

9. do you like being around people: depends

10. hobbies: poetry, photography, reading, being with my friends


1. have you ever loved someone you had no chance with? No

2. have you ever cried over something someone of the opposite sex did? yes.....

3. do you have a "type" of person you always go after: yeah

4. want someone you don't have right now? No

5. ever liked a close guy/girlfriend? yes, am with him now

6. are you lonely right now? Alone, but not lonely

7. ever afraid you'll never get married? Sometimes

8. do you want to get married? What girl doesn’t?

9. do you want kids? yes

10. would you rather love or be loved? be loved


                                                                              1. room in house: My bedroom

                                                                                  2. type of music: Rock

                                3. location for dates: a couch watchin a movie, somewhere inviting and intimate, one on one

                                                                              4. memory: HAHAHA, too many

                                                                                  5. day of the week: friday

                                                                            6. color: Purple, blue silver

                                               7. perfume or cologne: cologne on guys is the best thing in the world

                                         8. flower: hmm. Daisy’s, roses, violets, Heather(yes, damnit im named after a flower)

                                                                                             9. month: July

                                                                                       10. season: Summer

                                                                         +||In the last 48 hours have you..

                                                                                             1. cried: no

                                                                                      2. bought something: yes

                                                                                           3. gotten sick: no

                                                                                              4. sang: yeah

                                                                                         5. said i love you: yup

                                          6. wanted to tell someone you loved them but didn't: no, I say it when I want

                                                                                       7. met someone new: no

                                                                         8. moved on: hah,dumb question but yeah

                                                                                     9. talked to someone: yup

                                                                                    10. had a serious talk: yeah

                                                                                      11. missed someone: yes

                                                                                      12. hugged someone: yeah

                                                                                      13. kissed someone: no

                                                                              14. fought with your parents: no

           15. dreamed about someone you can't be with : dreamed about someone im not physically with, but am with

                                                                                    16. had a lot of sleep: No


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[25 May 2004|09:11pm]
[10 things you are looking forward to]

1. the day school is finally over
2. my last final
3. kissing andrew again
4. pulling up to my dad's house
5. getting my tattoo
6. andrew calling me soon
7. swimming in a pool
8. getting sunburn
9. staying out late
10. s-u-m-m-e-r
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[23 May 2004|09:26pm]
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pictures from my b-day party [19 May 2004|03:07pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Jess Ali and me on her back :p


(From left to right) Ali, Tommi, me, Jess, Marissa, Katie, Danny,Adriana


It's Heather sandwich!!!!

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And I swear sometimes you're watching over me.... [14 May 2004|03:14pm]
[ mood | drained ]

if i dont write in here for a while youll soon see why

out of my friends from nanuet, none of them hang out with me

nanuet sucks

mrs keefe blows a nut

and i need to get the fuck out of this damn place

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[11 May 2004|09:44pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

three random things you don't know about me
I sleep with a stuffed animal and my baby blanket*i wuv my bunny*
2. i only write in my *actual* journal on sundays(odd, i know)                                                                        3. I brush my teeth after everything i eat

three happy things you don't know about me
1. I'm on cloud nine right now.
2. I spazz when i'm REALLY happy                                                                                                                                                      3. Lucky Charms make me happy

three sad things you don't know about me
1. The friends i have in Nanuet are "floating" away from me
2. My parents suck
3. Me=Worse PMS ever

three exciting things you don't know about me
1. I stay up to watch thunderstorms
2. If I ever won the lottery, i'd buy everyone in my family a car before i bought anything for myself
3. When im nervous, i either touch my face, shake my leg or look down at the ground

three mean things you don't know about me
1. I used to steal money from my family(im horrible)
2. I hate a lot of people
3. I am envious of almost everyone that has something more then i do.

three weird things you don't know about me
1. I have had the same 3 cd's in my stereo for the past month.
2. I eat twix at least 3 times a week
3. I miss summer so much, that i even miss the sunburn

three dumb things you don't know about me
1. I hate the way nose kinda "indents"                                                                                                        2. Ya know how some people think theyre over weight, but theyre really thin? well i think i am mentally thin but physically over weight
3. I doodle when im on the phone

three childhood things you don't know about me
1. when i was in sixth grade i found out about the drugs my mom does                                                        2. My mom and dad divorced because my mom was still " a kid" and she liked to go out and party, and they used to fight a lot                                                                                                                                     3. I used to have a whole shoe box of pennies.

three ambitious things you don't know about me
1. I want to become a photographer                                                                                                           2. I'll try anything once                                                                                                                             3. Inspiration apears for me around every corner

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another survey thinger [08 May 2004|01:19pm]
[ mood | lovely ]


1. name: Heather Marie

2. age: fifteen

3. bday: March 13th

4. piercings: 5;two in left ear, three in right

5. tattoos: I want some. But I can’t yet

6. religion: I don’t know these days. I get dragged to church by my dad when I’m down in PA

7. eyes: hazel. But they change colors depending on what I wear and how im feeling.

8. hair: dirty blonde with natural blond highlights(during the summer you can see them) 9. height::5' something 10. weight: 116lbs(I’m such a fricken’ fatass) 11. school: Freshman at NHS12. born: Westchester, New York

13. hospital: Westchester Medical Center

14. cell phone: NONE(damnit)

15. computer: dell flat screen(since this past September)16. sports: soccer(in 8th grade and hopefully I’ll join Sophomore year) and Swimming 17. sports (outside of school): none

18. siblings: 1little brother


1. do you know who you're going to marry? Yes ;)

2. how many kids? Hmm..between one and two. Haha

3. when do you want to get married and where? I don’t think THAT far into the future. Comon’ people

4. do you know what your kids are going to be named? Yes I do :o)

5. what colleges do you want to go to? Well, I’m not sure yet.

6. would you ever serve your country? If I had to-yes 7. do you know who you're going with to prom? No

8. where are you going after prom? I have no idea9. what is your dream career? Photographer10. you're prediction for the future? I wish I had a prediction. But I usually stay grounded and I plant my feet firmly in the present.


1. color: purple, silver and blue

2. pizza: Cheeeese

3. ice cream: oh boy. Me and my ice cream- Phish Food(Ben and Jerry’s) Vanilla, Anything with Caramel 4. colors to wear: Blue and White

5. show: hmm... Family Guy(haha)

6. sport to watch: football baseball and hockey. ANYTHING BUT BASKETBALL! Unless of course it’s the 76ers’

7. type of guy/girl: Many people say I tend to like assholes. But I’ve found someone who is the farthest thing from an asshole and I love him. <3Andrew<3

8. cereal: cocoa puffs and cinnamon toast crunch. Oh yeah, and Captain Crunch

9. cars: That guy Danny’s car. The white one with the green lights under neath. It was a stick shift. Crazy fun in that car.(ali remember?) 10. cousin: Missy- Shes my step-dads sisters daughter. I think she’s like 19 now. I haven’t seen her since my brother was born

11. store: PacSun , Papaya, Kohls(haha tanja)

12. weather: sunny and humid. I’m a sucker for hot weather ;)

13. beaches or mountains: beaches, duh.

14. gold or silver: silver. Gold is gross 15. vacation spot: Well, I haven’t been much further than Florida. So...Florida

16. perfumes: Still and Glow(J-lo) But I really like the smell of Love Spell from Victorias Secret

17. subject: English and Global

18. teacher (this year):hmm..My English teacher- Ms. McVeigh

19. teacher (ever): Mr. Seaman was pretty cool. Even though I left like halfway through the year.

20. holiday: CHRISTMAS!! Giving and getting. Ahhh the beauty in it all


1. marital status: <3 Andrew

2. last boyfriend: hmm...Jon::gag::

3. first boyfriend: damn..that’s way back...Ben(?)

4. first real date: aww... Fourth grade5. do you save the stuff guys get you?::blushes:: yes I do. 6. summer flings? Oh boy... Ben last summer...And this summer. . .lol. Don’t even get me started.

7. are you in love currently? Yes, and I couldn’t be happier 8. have you ever been in love? (Refer to number 7)

9. how many times have you been in love, if any: This is a controversial question. So I’m going to say once and if theres anything wrong with my answer. Consoul me otherwise 10. describe love, if you can: When your heart wont stop pounding. That when in the right moment, you can’t stop crying the happiest tears imaginable. When he gets you through everyday, your addiction.."my drug of choice"

11. is love good or bad? While in it= the best thing ever. When it’s over= brace yourself for heartache.

12. ever cheated? yes, TAYLOR IM SORRY!

13. ever been cheated on? Hmm..YES, Jon- go to hell, those were grounds for a break up

14. ever been the person that someone cheated with? Not that I know of. Haha

15. number of serious relationships: Serious? Like. . 3

16. ever been rejected:::sigh:: yes.17. group or single dates? First dates- alone but once you get to know them, group dates are fun too. 18. flowers: The OTHER way to a girls heart.

19. candy: o0o. Of course

20. can you distinguish the difference between love lust? yes I sure can.


1. how many friends? Around 2-3 dozen. But I only have a handful of really close friends

2. childhood best friend? Amanda Peterson- From PA.. She still is one of my best friends.

3. best friends? I love you guys.

4. friend who knows all the dirt? Ali, Jess, Tanja,Mandy

5. least harmful friend? Emotionally or physically. Because all of my friends could either kick my ass with their feet or huge boobs.(Ali- im kidding) 6. most likely to become valedictorian? Ali 7. class clown? Ha, I think we all have our moments

8. most flirtatious? Me and Tanja 9. best laugh? Tanja(uh hut uh huttt) hahha

10. most lost in their own lil world? Ali.- YOUR SO A.D.D!

11. known longest and still friends with till this day? Mandy

12. most random? Jess and Ali

13. biggest attitude? me and Tanja

14. most dedicated to their sport? Duh- that’s a given- Tanja wit a j

15. dirty-minded? Aren’t we all?

16. kid who will make you laugh forever? Andrew- Oh boy, you made retard famous 17. friend you miss most? All of them that aren’t within 5 miles of me

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"i think of you probally like every other second"-he said... [07 May 2004|10:25pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

[1month and 18days] Until i go to my dad's...

Yes,well, this week has in-fact been way too long. Monday I had two tests.Tuesday- I can't remember. Wenesday-I can't remember.Thursday-I can't remember...Today. Wasent bad at all.Ran in gym-Kinda refreshing, in a sick twisted way.Science we had a lab, which wasent bad because on this hot blistering day, we were privillaged enough to go into the air-conditioned computer lab.

 So I came home. Went online, because I had no homework to do. And at around 5 my mom came home so I hustled off the computer and went to watch tv. At like, 7 my mom and I decided what we wanted for dinner and sent my step-dad out to get it. At 8:30 we hurried over to my old house to walk my doggie.She seems so sad without us there with her. After that, we headed over to go get some Dairy Queen.Probably the best Ice-Cream I've had in a LONG time. [I miss summer so much] So now I'm here. Writing this, knowing no one else ever reads it. I'm just waisting my time.

Last night I was talking to <3Andrew<3,(nothing new) But I showed him something I wrote in my journal(not this one, my other one) And this is what it said..

"He is my addiction. Better than any substance. More powerful than any drug and more Soothing than any nicotine.He keeps me sane..." 

I think there was more, But I am too lazy too go look. But after I showed it to him, he said I might be good enough to write for Xythium. That made me so happy. He said my writing was deep (I've shown him more than that piece) ::Sigh:: That made my day...


Right now I'm talking to people. I will write tomorrow

"Ti-ti afehn.Ta ta for now."-Tigger(Im such a loser)

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"Just give me some room to breathe, or breathe for me..." [04 May 2004|10:17pm]
[ mood | content ]

[ 1 month +20 days] until summer officialy begins...i go to my dad's.


Well the past few days have been un-eventful. Two tests today, a quiz, a substitute and 3 study halls. Geesh, just from saying that I have 3 study halls you can tell I'm an absolute waste of a human.

Went with my mom to walk Mattie, stoped by my mom's friends house. Now, I'm here. I'm assuming that Andrew's recording something with Jim and such, so i'll stick around and wait to talk to him.

As the days draw nearer to June 24th, i can tell that the days will get much longer, and sluggish. I'm dying for summer...

 I spoke to my dad today. No update on summer. But that means everything is okay.

I want cookies.

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"Just give me some room to breathe, or breathe for me..." [04 May 2004|10:10pm]
[ mood | content ]

[ 1 month +20 days] until summer officialy begins...i go to my dad's.


Well the past few days have been un-eventful. Two tests today, a quiz, a substitute and 3 study halls. Geesh, just from saying that I have 3 study halls you can tell I'm an absolute waste of a human.

Went with my mom to walk Mattie, stoped by my mom's friends house. Now, I'm here. I'm assuming that Andrew's recording something with Jim and such, so i'll stick around and wait to talk to him.

As the days draw nearer to June 24th, i can tell that the days will get much longer, and sluggish. I'm dying for summer...

 I spoke to my dad today. No update on summer. But that means everything is okay.

I want cookies.

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Another useless poem i wrote. [03 May 2004|07:57pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Step inside my skin
Walk around for a bit
Tell me if you like it
Tight, restricted, scared
Does it feel nice?
Do you enjoy the feeling
of beign tense, nervous, parinoid?
Worried youre always wrong
Tense from presure
Day in and day out
This never ending cycle dulls the mind
The way you think
Any one thing could break you down
Are you reaching for the razor?
No, put that down
Are thoes tears i see?
Well, stop them.
No crying is allowed here
Your fists clench
Your lip quivers
I didnt think you'd like it here.
Not in my skin..


I wrote that last night. Im sure you can imagine what i was feeling. But that's all i wanted to post. I have to go


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blah blah blah blah blah [02 May 2004|02:04pm]
[ mood | bored ]

There is absolutly nothing to do.

This weekend was eh-y

Jess and ali slept over on friday.

saturday i watched my brother

and that brings me to today. NOTHING

im bored outta my skull

and theres a little under two months until i go to my dads. Im extremely exicted.

I have to go



to do



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Eatting diced pears. . and manson. . .::ah, serenity:: [28 Apr 2004|04:01pm]
[ mood | scared ]

So, Today went well. Nothing too interesting. I have a lot of homework to do. My report card came in the mail today, so i may not be able to update for a while.
Friday alexa and adriana are gonna sleep over. And my doggie is staying with us for a while because my grandparents are going away and shizzle.
Andrew sent me a new song last night. The first thing i did when i came home was listen to it. all i have to say is... wow...I love everything Xythium does.
A little under 2 months until i leave to go to my dads. . .I cant wait. I cannot express how eager i am...::sigh::

I have to go, mother is home. . uh oh.

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30 random/interesting things about me(20 more to come on a rainy day or something) [27 Apr 2004|10:01pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

1. Im double jointed on the right side of my body
2. Sweetish Fish are my favorite candy
3. i bite my nails
4. my eyes change colors hazel-->brown-->blue-->gray-depends on my mood and what im wearing
5. my lips are naturally really red, although it may look like i wear lipstick
6. i'm aniemic(always cold)
7. summer is my favoite season
8. i wear a size 8 1/2-9 shoe
9. my big toe clicks on my left foot
10. when i wake up in the morning, i crack my wrists, its kinda sick
11. i have gained great knoledge about music from the past due to the music my parents listen to and the music i listen to
12. im not very interesting(apparently)
13. Im so interesting i have nothing interesting or random to put on here
14. I have and eye for knowing just when to take a piture
15. I dwell on the past
16. The love of my life lives in Pennsylvania
17. I have 3 favorite ice cream flavors- Phish Food(ben and jerrys) cookies and cream, and vanilla
18. I have an obsession with having my eyeborws perfect
19. I havent taken off my rings in 3 years other then to take a shower or go in the pool
20. I snore when i sleep ::blushes::
21. The friend i've known the longest Is Amanda In Pennsylvania
22. I'm a book worm
23. The first concert i ever went to was Boston(thats the name of the band)
24. I've been to two Backstreet Boys concerts(back in my teenie bopper stage)
25. I can't take showers shorter then 30 minutes*yes i know,im phsyco*
26. I've heard from others, that i have the best smelling hair ever.*id like to thank DOVE for this*
27. I eat cereal like a mofo
28. I like to paint my nails silver and metallic blue
28. I like the smell of sharpies. I am also quite the vandle
30. I pulled an all nighter once...at my birthday party. We watched the sunrise

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